Stettyn Family Vineyards


Hidden gem in the cellar & vineyards of Stettyn Family Vineyards

On the road less travelled, you will find Stettyn Family Vineyards…

Stettyn was acquired by the Botha family in 1818 and has been in the family for 8 generations. The Stettyn Family Vineyards itself was established in 1963, with the vineyards of Stettyn, Jonkersrivier and De Hoek being the primary sources of production and where the tradition of wine making dates back many years.

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The farm on which Stettyn Family Vineyards, is steeped in history and tradition dating back to 1714

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A well structured full-bodied wine brimming with vanilla, spicy & earthy aromas.

Sourced from premium selected and managed sites. Focus on colour, structure and natural balance. Harvested at optimum ripeness, striving for balance between structure and fruit quality.


Stettyn at a glance